Friday, March 15, 2013

Stop the AntiVaccination Billboards!

I have to say, since I read Slate, I am loving the science guy Phil Platt, so far. He pointed this out today on Slate. He said it much better than I am going to today. The crux of the issue is that the vaccine-hating "National Vaccination (mis)Information Center" is putting up these horrible antivaccine billboards. They show a cute baby and say "Vaccinations? Know the risks and failures."

It makes me want to hurl, literally and figuratively. Want to watch an infant die of pertussis? Mumps outbreak in New York brought on by an unvaccinated kid from Britain? Hib deaths in Minnesota in 2008? I was counting the seconds until Child 1 and Child 2 were vaccinated.

What can you do? Contact Clear Channel. Here is what I wrote - on the fly.

I am highly concerned about your decision to allow extremely flawed and dangerous billboard warning people off vaccines to be set up in your facilities. Are you aware we are having a huge pertussis outbreak? We haven't had an outbreak like this since before 1970. Infants, like the one in the picture on the billboard, are at huge risk of DEATH from pertussis since it stops their breathing. I doubt you would allow billboard that encouraged people to drink and drive even if its someone's 'opinion and money' that it is okay. Please take down this horrible dangerous billboards.

I also joined the 'Voices for Vaccines' facebook group. And I totally, shamelessly stole the billboard from the Slate page linking to 'Every Child by Two.' I did not place a link to the evil billboards so no one mistakes what I'm about.
Really, someday soon I will be posting more financial stuff. Really. Occasionally I just am really hit by something I read online, but that is what blogs are for.

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