Monday, June 24, 2013

Jane relies on someone else to discuss chemicals in food

Did you read that buzzfeed article about '8 toxic foods!?' Notice how I didn't link to the article because it
is fear-mongering bull? Scare tactic after scare tactic of horribly researched drivel. (Lieutenant Data totally would have warned you off this course of action, buzzfeed.)

Fortunately, instead of writing and researching a rebuttal, an organic chemist did it for me. Here it is "Eight Toxic Foods: A Little Chemical Education."  This is why people go to college and get science degrees. :) Thank you facebook friends for linking me up with this article. This awesomeness will not be forgotten as it is almost as cool as "Voices for Vaccines."

I haven't had time for many posts with my training for the second job and the fabulous, famous annual June/July resident/physician Shuffle. Rest assured, there will be an update on the biking, the diet, the finances once things get settled down.


  1. Let me just say I love the Star Trek pictures and references. The world of blogging needs more Captain Picard.

  2. Interesting information! I love your blog :) I'm a new grad veterinarian with a massive amount of debt. Thanks for sharing your experience as a MD!