Wednesday, October 9, 2013

JaneMD passes out from exhaustion

(Passed out from exhaustion - from
As everyone has noticed, the spacing between my posts have gotten further and further apart. Several things have happened. The biggest issues are probably related to my second job and some recent health set backs. On top of my new 65 hour work week, I have had to schedule surgery, weekly doctor's appointments and have regular physical therapy. Post surgery, I was laid up for some time and my poor children were very concerned about their mommy. Child2 spent the past week following me around and being carried because I was finally mobile again. It has been expensive as well - but I'll be getting able to deduct my health expenses this year since we'll be above the 7.5% threshold. 

To complicate the matter, there was a whole spate of Jewish holidays, so every day that wasn't a Jewish holiday, I was working. If I was working, that meant HubbyJD was working shorter hours to collect Child1 and Child2 from daycare and he had the Jewish holidays off too. I occasionally have downtime at work to write a little, but since blogger is blocked anyway, it doesn't help much. My netbook stopped going online because of a storm frying our modem, so I'm using a different computer. I have a professional publication under my RL name in the works which is cutting into my time too.

While I know everyone has lots of personal stuff going on, internet posting has taken a backburner to everything else. I probably only visited Mr. MoneyM once in the past month and didn't post. I still am keeping my budget update - with a new column dedicated to medical expenses, but I am just to tired to post. Especially when there are so many other people doing it much better than I - if you want science, I love Phil Platt on Slate with his pro-research and pro-science discussion. You already know I like MMM and NoMoreHarvardDebt.

My apologies to everyone who was hoping for an enlightening post, but this doctor is going to go take a nap. After I do all the laundry, take out all the trash, drop off stuff at the thrift store, and go pick up the kiddos from daycare. 

Okay, so no nap.

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  1. I understand your situation. Please take enough rest. When you are exhausted its very hard to concentrate in any work.